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Which Concrete Pump Do I Need?

Several factors need to be considered to help you determine which pump is suitable for your project, these are:

  • Pump size – determined by the distance that the pump and concrete bowls will be located on site to the furthest point where the concrete will be placed. In order to gauge the most suitable pump we will need to be advised of the approximate distance.
  • Space – how much space the pump will need at the site will need to be assessed, to include whether the pump will need to go over or around any obstacles.
  • There are many factors that contribute to deciding which concrete pump is best for your job, some of these include the amount of concrete that is to be poured, the setup area, distance from setup area to pour, overhead obstacles including power lines etc..
  • Please give us a call on 027 276 7940 to discuss your job and we will provide you with the best information on this!

ADVANCED CONCRETE PUMPING is the service provider of choice for construction / building industry contractors in the Auckland and Northland regions. We have one of the most extensive concrete pumping fleets from Auckland to Cape Reinga, meaning you can have confidence that we will have the pump you need, and our experienced well trained operators will ensure your job is undertaken to the highest standard. Contact us today on 027 276 7940 to discuss your pumping requirements.

An integral process in most, if not all, modern construction projects is the concrete pumping and pouring/placing. Choosing the right concrete pumping company to assist with your pumping requirements will help your project stay on schedule, at the same time producing top quality results. At Advanced Concrete Pumping, we offer an extensive inventory of concrete boom pumps, line pumps and static pumps that will ensure that we have the pumping solution that meets your requirements and expectations. Our commitment to remain a key provider of pumping services within the Auckland to Northland region means we are continually updating our vehicles so that we can offer our customers a modern, reliable and efficient fleet.

Our current fleet ranges from a number of:

  • Truck mounted concrete boom pumps from a 42 metre boom, ideal for larger construction sites where a longer reach is required and a large amount of concrete needs to be placed, to an 18 metre boom , ideal for smaller sites where a long reach is not required and the available space for the boom to be setup is at a minimum.
  • Static pumps and stationery placing booms, ideal for very large construction sites such as high rise/multi storey buildings. The use of stationery placing booms can generally increase the speed of each pour, reduce the labour requirement and improve site safety.
  • Line pumps (truck or trailer mounted), ideal for those jobs with height restrictions, difficult access or a long distance to get the concrete to the pour face. We have 2”-5” line pumps depending on the concrete mix being pumped.